Editing and Proofreading

For samples that include before and after mark-ups, please contact me using the form below. (A few samples of my completed editing and proofreading work are below the contact form.) 

Samples of Completed Work

I served as Fiction Editor for Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, a role that included leading a team of people through selecting solid works of short literary fiction for a bi-annual online publication powered by WordPress, then working with my team and the authors of each piece to revise and edit the selections to fit with Gulf Stream standards. I selected, edited, and proofread this smattering of short fiction in Gulf Stream Literary Magazine (which are pretty good reads!):


Which Steals Men’s Eyes,” by Bryan Wang

Taking My Drunk Uncle Cleveland Home,” by Teleisha Moore Leigg

The Universe is Shaped Exactly Like the Earth,” by Nicholas Reali

Immaculate Devices,” by Damien Roos


Garden of Fire and Blood,” by Ron Austin

Parley Young: One Mormon Life,” by Ryan Shoemaker

Swallowed,” by Alex Myers

Winter, Spring, Whatever Happens After That,” by Keith Rosson

Welcome Home, Jackie Nolan,” by Steve Trumpeter