Good copy needs more than good spelling and grammar.

It needs personality. It needs a heartbeat. It needs depth. And it needs to be cohesive across all channels.

That’s why your company needs me.

Good copy is a needle in a stack of needles, and the things you say–even if they are heard–aren’t always understood. That’s where I come in. I specialize in more than just solid grammar and spelling; I specialize in smoothing out the wrinkles of complicated ideas and helping you reach your audience in a comprehensive and fulfilling way.

Website Copy

Websites are more than a place to announce a product or service; they’re a way to establish your brand. You invest in your website, so invest in what you put on it too. Dynamic, well-though-out writing can go a long way in convincing your customers to read, enjoy, and most importantly, trust your brand to fulfill a certain need.

Blogging & News

Long- and short-form blog posts and news coverage help you establish your expertise in the industry. With comprehensive information encouraging people to look to your company for answers, you can grow a trusting customer base. Search engine optimized copy drives newcomers your way and encourages previous visitors to come back, while news in both print and online adds another element to your brand identity.

Direct Communications

Whether you use email blasts, social media, or the postal service, directly communicating with your customers can earn you a place in their daily lives. Each communication is an opportunity to impress and increase satisfaction among your customer database.

Clearly stated ideas sell themselves to the right audience.

So, what are you trying to say? Let me help you say it.

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